Gain/volume structure and tactics

Hi there
I’m struggling with the big amount of possibilities one can influence the final volume of a track. Can someone give me a good starting point of where to have the faders befor you start a song. My impression is, that the factory state of the sounds sometimes is to high so that especially the reverb sometimes is just to quiet.


Not sure if this answers your question totally…

First thing, Rytm master volume is always all the way up. I use Synth/Sample gain to achieve the right timbre. Then I jack the Amp to around 120-127 and add Overdrive to taste, if needed. At this point I will measure the kick track RMS in my DAW and try to hit around -9. Usually it’s too hot, and then I’ll pull down the TRACK volume (not master) to get to that RMS. Then all other Rytm tracks are built around the kick.

If you listen to cuckoo’s hour video with head sets you can start to see what is effecting what, if you have not already…

Also for what it is worth I have noticed, the tracks are cumulative to master track, so when you add effects to a track they can get mashed, so the tendency is to pump them up. So to avoid that, produce your music and beats dry then sprinkle your effects in after to get the right sound. It is also important to use the pan to place sound a little more right and left. this helps bring out the sounds better. If you leave everything very centered you also mash the sounds.

Hope this helps and is not me just stating the obvious!

Hey dimi3 and mosthigh
I know the very good video of Cuckoo ( And it already helped me a lot. The moment I had problems was when I plugged my OT into the input. And its exactly the fact that mosthigh is pointing out: the AR’s signal is to hot.
My OT is turned up to the Max and has no chance against the drums.
I guess I just have to prepare a preset where the signals aren’t that hot…
Or is there a way to push the input of the AR?

Just read the small tipps…

But still not the best way to handle a volume to fx ratio while intending to just adjust the track volume. Or am I getting it completely wrong?

And to be complete here’s another threat on gain staging: