GAS or EAS? Just picked up an Analog Keys and it feels like Christmas

What a beautiful sound! I looked into a great thread by @okpk re: “After 6 years I think I’m finally getting the hang of this”, but was just curious if anyone has any must read tips and tricks that will speed up my learning curve.

Or any secrets on pairing it with the Digitakt or Octatrack. I was very fortunate to get the Merlin guide from you guys in the past for the Octa, hoping there is something similar. Thanks in advance!

For those curious, since summer of last year my Elektron journey has gone from Digitakt->Octa->Analog Keys so definitely feeling Elektron Acquisition Syndrome lol, but they are so fun and sound so good! :smiley:


So much of it is getting the feel of the unit imo, but one big tip you probably have seen is to watch your oscillator levels into the filter. It’s very easy to overdrive, and that doesn’t always get you the sound you want. Keep the levels under 64 if you’re aiming to keep it clean


Thanks! Will definitely keep an eye on this

Welcome to the AK club! I’ve had one for a few years and I still think it’s my favorite piece of gear. If you’re familiar with the OT you should pick up the AK quickly, I think it’s a much simpler machine than the OT.

Some tips: take advantage of the linear FM options on the LFO’s to get some unique tones. Also, if you want to make a thunderous bass, set the second filter to HP, the cutoff to 32 and turn up the resonance. Boom!

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You mean filter keytracking, right? (32=100% keytracking). Cutoff has to be tuned to the notes (or actually fundamentals I guess?) for best effect.


Damn - this is a good A4 pro-tip for a noob like me. I think I.would have gotten there eventually, but glad I read this now. :+1:t4:


Thanks all for your help! :pray:

no I literally mean set the secondary filter cutoff to 32 and crabk the resonance. I don’t know why 32 is the sweet spot but…IT IS

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