GASing on the Moog Studio bundle // Is it worth my money?

Hey There, I have a new short term hobby, which is checking out on the Moog Studio bundle (with all 3), i.e. videos, articles, websites etc. I think, you know this hobby, with either those or other synth :smiley:

I am Superattracted to buy the bundle at the moment. But then there comes the question, does it really make sense for me? And is it adding to the sound that I am doing?

I have a A4, DT, DB-01 and a Microfreak and prefer music like deep house, house, synth wave and sometimes also the straight 4/4 techno stuff.

Why is it attracting me?
I am promising to myself, that it offers new creative paths to walk and to find many happy accidents, which would never crossed my way with the current gear.
Because of semi modularity I also think, that I would get a better understanding for certain behaviors of even my current synths.
And of course adding the typical moog sound to my setup also counts as a pro argument for me.

What is holding me off?
A lot of videos feel very experimental with a not very approachable sound. So I am wondering, if it is even possible, to create a nice and groovy loop with those 3 and how complex this would be.

Would love to hear your opinions on that. Answers from owners of at least two of those synths preffered :sweat_smile:

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Sounds like moog territory to me.

Sounds like an expensive experiment.
I tried semi modular stuff and personally found it a bit confusing. I now use vcv rack , though mostly boxes like digitone , a4 as they have better sequencers and presets and fx ( you’ll want delays and reverbs for deep house etc )

If I were to buy it I’d go 2nd hand and save lots of ££££




for sure.

depends on you and your learning curve I guess. Some people seem to have initial struggles getting something musical out of the subharmonicon. But I heard beautiful demos people made with it.
DFAM is a happy accident machine, the mother sounds super sweet moogy. Both very immediate and fun. But also limited in their own way, which can be good or bad.

If you have something to sample it, it is very powerful.
Standalone it is difficult to get a 4/4 structured song out of it.
I use a mother 32 and dfam with my OTII.
In hindsight I would rather buy a DFAM/Subharmonicon bundle to sample.
The mother 32 sounds wonderful, but the sequencer is quite fiddly.

Have you tried it in a music shop?

Definitely want to try it before buying, but even 30 or 60 mins fun in the store doesn’t mean that I end up with gear, that is way to experimental for what I want.
In the end I think you always have to find out, if you like the new addition, when you have it at home.

Having an eye on second hand market, too, but at the moment it feels like I just save £ instead of ££££, because i.e. the subharmonicon sells nearly for the same price on 2nd hand as on i.e. music store Germany.

I would want to face this challenge. Although the Subharmonicon seems to me like the machine, which is hardest to learn of those three, it is at the same time the machine, with the most tempting possibilities for me.

Nothing like the OT :confused:
Just the DT, which probably isn’t sampling “on the fly”-enough…

Not yet, but will do before buying.

I have all 3 of those Moog synths and they’re fantastic. The M-32 and DFAM are pretty straightforward but the Subharmonicon creates all kinds of happy accidents. Worth the GAS.

With the dfam and DT alone you can build very beefy oneshot drum sets!

Remember that the dfam is only clockable via trigger/gate.

Oh man, I know this hobby all too well, I’m way in it. My biggest doubt is the M32, I feel like I kinda have that covered with other semi-modular analog synth, but the DFAM and Subharmonicon alone, with some effects, will probably have me begging for a new lockdown.

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I have the DFAM and SUBH connected to the top of my modular case. They make a really interesting pair. Totally worth the investment. Lots of wonderful syncopated beats. I am using the sub gates out to my modular more and more. It’s fun to polyrhythm vca of LFO. Highly recommended.