Gear suggestion, FM maybe?


Is the Digitone now the perfect synth for “Raster Noton” style of sounds?

I am planning to explore sounds like SND, Mark fell, Gabor Lazar, Errorsmith or Frank Bretschneider
and need something portable that would work well for improvisation live-performance or jam-session situations.

I am happy user of A4, love the workflow how you can sculpture the sound and manipulate - explore the unexplored areas of sound, set some unpredictability with overlapping LFOs and just observe…and finally arrange that with a nice sequencer .
But the Analog four is analog, therefore very dreamy, muddy so I am looking for (adding) something fresh punchy and sharp, with similar workflow.

As FM might be the right way I am thinking about:

  • Digitone - do you think the workflow is too limited in “sculpting” and “exploring”?
  • Octatrack - might be the solution in terms of manipulation and exploring, but then the samples might be less “plastic” to manipulate.
  • MNM over Digitone maybe?
  • buy nothing, install old windows, sit down for a week and learn my Nord Modular1?

Thank you!



I’d say MNM might be your best bet for that kind of stuff…Any opinions from MNM veterans?

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The Monomachine is basically raster-noton in a box and probably the best bet if you are trying to acquire a new piece of gear.

Alternatively, there is a good amount of discussion on this forum about the Nord modular. Maybe dive into some of those threads and look around. I don’t own one but I’m sure you can get raster-noton style stuff out of it.


@franz_maslow I tried to do something for you. :grinning:
I made this only using the monomachine (My own DigiPro waves and the sequencer). All the sounds you’ll here come from the machine!

The stabs of the first excerpt sounds like some of Mark Fell and Gabor Lazar synthesizers.