Generative Sequencing A4

Is this possible on the Analog Four MK2? If so, what is the best way to achieve some interesting randomized sequences?

Well, the simple answer would be having sequences with a lot of conditional trigs (random and those related to previous trivia), slow moving LFO’s and patterns with different lengths running at the same time…
Just a disclaimer I bought my analog4 as a Christmas present to myself so I have only been using it for a week (yes I was so hyped I opened my present early). Would love to hear tips and tricks of more experienced users

With OS 1.40 (I think) released in September, there is now a parameter for trg probability (i.e. chance) that really helps in creating sequences that approach generative. I just ordered an A4 mk2 myself, this video below is getting me excited. :+1:t4:


Next step would be to put Probability as an LFO Destination.


Using the arp in random mode, you can set a list of 4 notes to randomly grab from. You’ve just gotta set the rate of the arp to not surpass the plocked note length.

I mostly use this for randomizing voicing structures. It’s something I’d miss quite a bit if I used Digitone, as Digitone (to my knowledge) doesn’t have a random arp mode.


Is the arp mode similar to the one on OT?

This one from Max Marco blew my brain


Great technique that. I use it frequently on me OT :sparkles: