German court forces Studer A90 seller to pay £12,000 after he cancelled eBay auction


Buyer sounds like an arse


thank god it wasn’t a machinedrum, they’d have brought out the dogs.

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Yeah interesting hole in eBay feedback system that you can’t easily spot that buyer.

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it seems to me (not that I care) that a court would enforce a decision to make ebay reimburse the seller for his losses, had the pensioner enough pension left to hire an attorney when it was all said and done.

I mean there’s something broken with a system of private sales which has it’s own rules but cannot properly enforce them because their rules are meaningless in the eyes of the rulebook that the rest of the real world plays by.

There’s something broken with a system that considers a bid in an incomplete auction as a binding contract. Surely it should only be considered binding when the auction finishes ?

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That would allow the buyer to pull out if they decide they aren’t happy with the bid and want more money. If you want a guaranteed price you should set a reserve price at the start, you can’t just decide people aren’t bidding high enough and pull out.

It would also allow bidders to pull out after making a high bid, which screws things up for everybody (the seller and the other bidders).

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Well, that’s how bidding works. That’s a way of dealmaking and not one of „let’s see how high the prices go and if I am not happy, I just cancel“. If you don’t want to sell for the minimum price that you start with, don’t start an auction.
Btw: it is the same with bidders not paying. The moment someone bids to your auction, he and you have a deal, and if he breaks it, you could go to court.

It is a totally different thing, if you should really go that far, in such a situation.

Well, and it’s an article on the mirror website. Chances that the story is fake is quite high anyways

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