Get rid of computer noise? (usb c hub & macbook pro 2017)


My problem is not really Elektron-related but as this is my favorite forum I thought I’m going to ask here.

I have got a lot of computer noise in my speakers when using my MacBook pro 2017 with a Hootoo usb hub connected to both charger and hdmi external screen. When only the charger or only the screen is connected then the noise disappears. I have already tried 3 different usb hub and they all were noisy. Should I keep searching for a hub that works or should I rather invest in some power conditioner?

Is anyone sucessfully using a macbook pro 2017 in its studio connected to a external screen and charger at the same time? Please share your magic formula!

I solved this kind of issue with DI boxes.

Not expensive and solved the interference straight away.

that you place between the mixer and the monitors? I’m already using balanced cables, isn’t it the same?

I believe mains powered hubs are less likely to make noise as they are grounded. At least that’s been my experience here in the UK.

USB 3.0 is notorious for generating radiation and interference from the connectors that can affect wifi and other things. It doesn’t help that most USB cables are not particularly well shielded.

I’ve not had a problem when using the Apple adaptor that has USB-C through, HDMI and USB type A, but then I think I tend to have the power on a different port. Are you able to have the power on the other side of the computer to the video connection? It sounds silly but I think on the new MBPs the two ports on the left are on one bus and the two on the right are on another, so it might lessen interference.

I actually have the version with only two usb c ports and the way i have it setup is that on one port I have a Elektron overhub connected my audio interface, synths and controllers and I use the second port to connect to the screen, charger and mouse… As I don’t have any spare port, I don’t know how else I could set it up… The original apple charger is not grounded… Should I try to purchase a different grounded usb c charger? Is grounding even possible with the usb c standards? I’m a bit lost…

I will have a look at powered hubs thanks!