Getting Audio CC output to work

So I have Audio CC Out set to Int+Ext in Midi Control setup, and yet my OT is sending no CCs when wiggling any knobs (specifically channel Amp Vol / CC25).

MIDI output from MIDI tracks (notes, CCs, clock, etc) is working so I am pretty certain it’s not an issue with my MIDI setup…

Any weird hidden options that might affect transmitting MIDI from audio track controls?

(FWIW I’m on 1.25d, debugging with MIDI OX).

Thanks for any help!


OK replying to my own post to share the weirdness… Seems to be some kind of project corruption, as audio channel CCs are sending on some channels (2, 3, 6, 7, 8) but not the others…

On a fresh blank project everything behavesas it should… weirdness o_O

Are some of your audio tracks and midi tracks set to the same channel?


That was it for me at least!
Apparently if you have a MIDI track on channels 1-8 it will make the corresponding audio track not send CCs.
Just lost a good hour on this…
Thanks musicmagus from 2016! :laughing:

And the midi track won’t receive midi.
Very important to know. Written in the manual at the beginning of MIDI chapter, How midi is routed.