Getting lo-fi static on all pads when depressed - answered

Hello - first post here.

I have an MK2 that when I press a pad (any of them) the sound for that track plays (no sample and with sample), but if i continue to hold the pad down it has a staticky, lo-fi LP sound that continues until I release the pad.

Things I have tried:

new project
empty reset
factory reset
used both USB (OB) and 1/4" output
Reload the firmware, but since it is already the latest (assuming here), nothing happens.

odd thing with the factory reset and empty reset - when it reboots, all of my projects are still there. That doesn’t seem right. Same with the firmware - it is like i am not even trying to overwrite it it.

Any help would be appreciated. Cheers.

Sorry - i managed to overwrite the firmware and that fixed the problem. Leaving the topic here in case someone else has the issue.