Getting started

Hey Elektronauts!

I’m getting the Analog Keys tomorrow - I am literally starting from scratch. I have musical experience just not with a synthesizer! Can you reccommend good places or tutorials to get started? I have looked and once I get going I want to upload how to vids to help other noobs like me :slight_smile:

Anything helps a girl out! Thank you

Check out dateline and cuckoo’s videos, you can find the links on this forum. Also after reading the manual, download Howard Scarr’s “Synthesizer Programming” tutorial book from here:

It was made for the virus but like it says on the first page it can be applied to any synth, and it’s a good read for any level of programmer.

Thanks! Appreciated!

Just saw this video from Cuckoo and I’m hooked

thanks! this is great

Highly recommended

Thank you I’ll check it out :slight_smile: