Getting Started

Hello all, just made an account.
I’ll make this short and simple.

What all cables would one need to get started with the Digitone?

Thanks in advance!

One big one around your waist tied to the table top because it will blow you away.

Or more seriously - what exactly do you want to plug it into? You won’t need anything else other than headphones on a 1/4 inch jack just to start messing with it by itself.


page 12 in the manual shows the back connections. I would strongly suggest to download the manual in pdf format and search for everything that comes to mind

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haha thanks for the feedback!
That’s what I was thinking but i just had to be sure I’d be fully prepared with what I needed once I have
the unit. Didn’t want to have it and have to wait another so many days for not having the correct cables.

whats the simplest way in getting my sounds recorded and onto my computer? Seen others use music handheld recorders like the Olympus LS-100. How would that work? (new and learning)

thank you!

If you can wait a few weeks, and have a copy of Ableton Live or Logic Pro, you’ll soon be able to record directly into your computer through Overbridge, by plugging in the USB cable that comes in the box.

Otherwise you’ll be wanting an audio interface of some kind. What computer do you have?


Oh nice, what about FL Studio?
Currently have a PC i built last year with an i7/1050Ti/Win10.

Does FL load VST’s? I thought it didn’t. Others might be able to advise if Overbridge is working with FL. It’s pretty easy to get hold of a free copy of Live Lite - they seem to give it away in cereal boxes these days :slight_smile:

The other option is a direct recording audio interface. I’d really suggest going very cheap and cheerful if you’re just getting started. It’s easy to get seduced and buy something more expensive that is fairly useless.

Audio interfaces are these things:
I’d recommend buying second hand to start, so this link is just give you an idea of the range, capabilities and brands.


Yeah FL can def load VST’s.
haha alright ill check out Live for sure.
I greatly appreciate the help!