Gig bag

I need to carry around my Medusa and a few pedals, Ditto x4 and the Avalanche Run. I know the gig bag from Elektron seems awesome but it’s a pretty steep price compared to other gig bags. I love the fact that it can be used as a backpack though.

Is it really worth it? (ends up being 300$CAD) If not is there another brand that could fit the bill. I’ve looked into some of the gator bags, which aren’t that sweet, but well priced. Any other brand to keep an eye on? I like the idea of a side bag that can also do a back pack!

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…one of the greats…really…

the price looks suspicious at first…but i got one of those in use…they rock…

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I use a mil-tec backpack.

It’s got two pretty decent compartments, two big front pockets and is pretty well padded (except at the bottom of the main compartment, but a rolled up teatowel deals with that).

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…an assault pack…:wink:

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Surely you’ve heard @Fin25’s music?

I went with the big elektron gig bag, it’s my bday anyway and couldn’t find something that is both practical and pretty well designed.