Glitchy ambient using OT : out now on Robot Hunter Records


This is lovely man!

How do you have the Octa setup for this? All internal sample mangling through the machine or is there some sequencing and resampling going on?

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Hi, thanks !

For the setup I was using LFOs to scan through sliced up samples , sometimes Id use al 3 with manipulations to amplitude and rate too, but quite subtle , nothing too drastic .

Every track is just the OT and me, no extras , every track is also 1 take live , recorded while my daughter was in her piano lessons, Id sit in the hallway with my OT and headphones and learn and create :slight_smile:


I’m impressed, thanks for sharing. I was wondering if it was OT only.
Always like to hear Octatrack only tracks, because it is still my “dream machine” …maybe one day…


Really good music here! congrats. i just buy the Destination in your BC :slight_smile:

and have some questions about your setup if you want to share some info!

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Checking it out right now on @elektrobot7’s recommendation.
Where in Canada are you located out of curiosity?


very very nice. well done

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Moncton NB! Hub of underground music :slight_smile:

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Sure, send your questions over



muncton. home of the greatest rapper of all time. MDB lol

Never been. Spent a bit of time in freddricton but not Moncton.
Cool album btw, nice Bandcamp age too. You must be really productive, all your albums are from this year?!

Yea he worked in a call centre with my mother in law!

He stopped by a record store in the mall with 20 CDs about 15 years ago , goes for coffee, comes back an hour later to collect all his profits , 0.00 He literally thought he’d sell 20 CDs in an hour

my mistake I was thinking of this guy

Not as productive as you think, that label just launched Feb 2, but the tunes I submitted have been done over the last 2 years . Thanks !


Oh, you were on the CBC, weren’t you?

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Yessir and local TV!


Any links you or anyone else can recommend how i can get started with using LFOs to scan through samples?Very nice work BTW Robert T


Its just going into the LFO menus and setting the destination : Start I believe . So when you have slices it scans through, Ill take a look to see what exactly it says once I get home

I used slices, he uses just a glitched sample, but its the same method

Great link coming from an MPC world Im still lost in some of these Octatrack concepts so will need to keep on studying this machine —manual at work to read at lunchtime etc

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Well these were all done over 2 years, my daughter went to Piano lessons, so instead of doing nothing on my phone, I took my OT with me and tried to learn and create as much as possible, so I was getting a guaranteed 30+ minutes a week to delve into it :slight_smile: