Glo, The Polyphonic Whale

A new version for pre-order.


Looks fun. Could rig up something similar using some of the many great iOS loopers / granular / creative delays. There actually was an app way-back-when that would pick out environmental sounds and mess with them with delays and reverbs…quite similar to this actually. Trippy as fuck walking around the city. Can’t remember the name… Maybe someone knows what I’m talking about

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I never considers apps for this kind of stuff.

I should, but I’m becoming more of a collector of things as I get older.

Useful in its own right for textural / soundscapey stuff, but I’d imagine also as a fairly accessible way to get people into the idea of playing with sound. Kids would probably have fun with it

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I suppose It’s really for my 8 year old Son that I’m primarily collecting these things.

I have this idea in my head that we’ll do a workshop in his School with a variety of these musical oddities and the TE Record Factory.

Get his class/year to make their own little records.