Global Filter

Hey Elektronauts, have just got my Digitakt and have a question about the global filter. I have a low pass filter on a track and when I adjust a global filter to high pass, it changes the track filter to a high pass also. Is this how it is meant to work? or can I change the global filter while the track filter settings remain the same so I can filter all tracks as if I have a filter on the stereo outs?

There isnt a global filter.


But by pressing and holding TRK and playing with the filter this affects all the tracks??


If you use control all and change the filter type, they will all change to that type afaik

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Yes this will control all track filters simultaneously. It’s not a dedicated filter. Look up control all.


if you parameter lock filter type on all the trigs for the track you want to keep as low pass, then you can ctrl all without affecting those trigs.


yes but it only effects the filter on each track relative to where that filter is set and the type on each track. Meaning if you have a lowpass on track 1 and a highpass on track 2 and use TRK and turn the filter cutoff knob, it will open up the filter on Track 1 and close the filter on Track2 and so on for all the tracks. You could hold TRK down and select filter type (that will change every track to that filter type under the TRK hold press) then quickly sweep up and down the cutoff value so all of each track “catches up” to the knob you are turning. Then when done, simply press FUNC and NO and reload all tracks and the pattern to its saved state. Or just buy an Analog Heat :grinning:

Thanks for the replies guys, it has made things a little clearer for me.