Global FX Block

Hey all,

I really new to the Elektron environment, and Im still catching up to the flow.

But I am at the stage where i have built up a song with patterns across three banks, and I wanted to start using the FX Block, and of course, I can only apply it to individual patterns.

How do you apply it to the whole over all chain?

I started by copying sounds across new patterns before sequencing, and is this something I should have done with post effects as well?

Thank you for the help!

If you’re looking to have the same FX settings across all patterns in a project, you can do that with GLOBAL FX/MIX in the Settings menu (check 14.7 in the menu). This works for reverb, delay, filter, overdrive (SYN page), filter, LFO, and amp settings.

If you’re using the sequencer though (for sidechain or buildup or punch-in FX), you’ll need to copy the track (FUNC + COPY in GRID RECORDING MODE) from the pattern you want and paste it into the other patterns.

[Editing to add: this is new in firmware 1.10 in case you haven’t upgraded yet.]


Thank you for the reply!

I found the menu, and the settings, but it seems a bit vague to me. If I check global on filter and syn for overdrive, can I still only apply them to the drums and leave the synth engines un affected? (Im going for some quick Analog Heat action on the drums)

I just got the unit and upgraded to the new firmware, good call by the way…

In the manual, it outlib=nes what the paameters do, but Im not sure how to apply them yet…

Do I (1) go global on syn and filter

then (2) route the tracks I want affected to the fx block? It still seems like I have to route them individually, but its easy… just hit the track + number, let go and add tracks to the fx block, move onto the next one…

sorry for being such a noob, but Im getting there!

Thank you so much for the help!

No problem, and yes, I think that sounds right. The “GLOBAL” in that GLOBAL FX menu just applies to those settings being the same throughout all patterns of a project.

To use the FX block in each pattern, you’ll need to press FUNC + FX for the routing page as you work in each pattern to choose the tracks to send to the FX block.

If you set up a SONG (also new in 1.10) to cycle through all your patterns, you can let it play through the patterns with the FX Routing Page up and choose the FX routing as it plays through (rather than navigating to each pattern, which is a lot of button presses).

Good luck!



I seem to have a handle on it now. I actually just kept the analog drive global and kept the filter on a per pattern setting. The filter needs sculpted per sound and per track. I need to work on the sequencing of the fx parameters next.

I’m learning so much about the Elektron workflow.

I found a video of yours on youtube about some slowdown fx’s and other great tricks. I subbed!



Nice, and thanks for the sub. There’s a thread where a few of us worked out a number of ways to use the FX block you might find interesting: Syntakt FX Scenes + Techniques , and Syntakt Tips & Tricks also has a lot of great stuff: ST tips & tricks


I think I need your help again… :confused:

I thought I understood the fx block…

So Im trying to add reverb to a chain of patterns, only affecting one track… Am I to dial in the reverb on the amp page, then copy the settings for every pattern? And that sending the effects to the effects block only means that its processing the reverb that is sent to the track that has a value more than one on each pattern?

I mean to ask is there a “master effects”? ( I may have too many devices that function too differently for me to keep track of.)


Hmmm, I’m not entirely sure I understand the question, but I think it’s about routing?

Individual tracks can send to delay on their own amp pages, and it’s also possible to send the FX block (all tracks routed to it) to the delay (or reverb) using the FX track amp page. I think usually one would want to do one or the other, depending on whether the effect is for a group of tracks or an individual one, though it’s possible to do both.

Does that help?

Sort of. And thank you for answering.

Yes, I would want to route tracks to the fx block so reverb is applied to all tracks in an equal manner

But when I go to the fx amp page, the delay and reverb are outlined and don’t seem to have any effect.

Sorry if Im confusing the question. Im getting flustered…. Haha.

Wait! I think I figured it out!

You can’t route the delay and reverb to the fx track AND have it be a global send. If reverb gets sent to the fox block, it processes it through the analog drive?

So the FX black can apply drive to the wet mix of the reverb?

But I I UNhighlighted the reverb and delay and now they are working.

I think I have that right now.

Haha I keep asking follow up questions, then stumbling on an answer!!

I really appreciate you HP.

Thanks for your time. I’m very grateful.

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