Glueing, Compressing and Limiting

Hello Elektronauts,

I’m looking after the OT as Master output ( Toraiz SP-16, Korg Monologue and Pulse 2 into OT) a small portable Box for Glueing, Compressing and Limiting the sound.
I know a lot of discussion is around but for me I find not the right answer.

OTO Boum are often used.
EHX Platform came in my mind.
I see now a lot love for the Alesis Micro Limiter, thanks Adam Jay.
Of course Analog Heat get a lot vote.

Do you use other Hardware for this?

Thank you for help and answer.

Stay healthy


…for live i got my cue outs hardwired to the heat…
both, master out clean and cue via heat out end up on a qu pac by allen and heath…where both stereo signals and a vocal line get an internal autopunchback limiter in the sum…