Going back to Maschine, etc

Going back to Maschine is what made me realise I don’t need the MPC Live.

  • 99% of the time I produce at my desk, laptop just a few inches away;
  • Effects are top notch;
  • Workflow is great;
  • Audio track and real time stretch are coming (NI posted this on their forum a while ago as a roadmap thing);
  • Chances of a New Studio or MKIII, with Maschine 3 software are quite high.
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I’m slowly moving back to Maschine in all honesty (well, Maschine and Push 2). But, I still have a preorder down for the Live. I just really like the thought of getting out of my studio. The laptop didn’t manage this so I still have some hope the Live will.

But, Maschine + Ableton + Live + Octatrack is way overkill so will need to give things a think. I do really like the thought of a OT/Live combo for jamming out and building my loops and samples within Maschine. A lot of £££’s to tie up just to make life a little bit easier though…

I do remember long ago having Maschine and an OT and having fun with that so perhaps that would be sufficient. Who knows! Time will tell…

But yeah, like @Automageddon says, I do expect a Mk3 to appear soon. Also a Mk2 Kontrol S. If I had a magic ball and knew these were coming for certain I’d hold off. I don’t see NI going standalone but I do see them delivering a killer Studio Mk2/Maschine Mk3 soon. 2.6.5 lays the foundations nicely for the future.


Why not drop Ableton for the equation? Standalone Maschine has a pretty damn nice sequencer that’s under active development; they’ve just dropped a solid update with a very nice improved pattern launcher view (http://cdm.link/2017/05/maschine-2-6-5-makes-easier-manage-ideas-routings/) and they’re on track to add audio tracks for stuff like vocals later this year.

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It’s crossed my mind. I think if (when?) NI deliver audio tracks that may be the moment to seriously consider jumping off the Ableton train. Im reluctant just now as I have some great fun playing “pass the Push” when my mates are over building tunes over a couple of hours drinking!!!

I just wish NI would get MPE built into their synths already (and that Maschine could handle it). If they pulled that off then I’d be all in I think. And the ability to play multiple instruments simultaneously would be good too - ie. me on Maschine, a mate on a Kontrol.

With huge price hike :wink: as usually with Native Instruments for quite some years I find there product overpriced (to me)

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IMHO the Jam and the Mikro are both great value considering the software and sounds you get bundled with them. The MkII does seems overpriced to me right now.


They can handle MPE. I use the linnstrument in maschine standalone to play the Scarbee Bass guitar modules. As long as the kontakt instrument can handle MPE you are good to go with a Roli or Linnstrument.

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Ah, I don’t use Kontakt much on truth so missed that. It’s their other VSTs I’m hoping for proper MPE support with

I was playing around with FM8 and noticed the bass patches respond well to the Linnstrument. If I don’t get too busy this weekend I will try out the other Komplete synths.

Was it “plug and play” with FM8? That’s sort of always been my problem with the Roli/Linnstrument in Ableton - you needed to fanny about grouping x midi tracks and using multi timbral settings (for Omnishpere for example). Just too much hassle for me! Especially when BItwig could handle things with one instance. Anyway, I think it’s possible to replicate an MPE experience but it’s not as easy as I’d like. Having said that, I’m sure Reaktor 6 is MPE compliant.

Anyway, waffling way off topic here, sorry!

Ah…good to hear as i have a Linnstrument also…nice…:slight_smile:

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Anyone knows how Maschine and Live seem to deal with midi clock in different ways?
For example, I noticed that the 0-coast reacts to a midi clock coming from Maschine differently from the way it reacts to a clock from Live . The slope will start/stop with Live but seems to be always on with Maschine.

Same goes for the PO-12, it seems to get start/stop from Live but not from maschine…

Well I can pitch bend as I play. I am downloading the 2.6.5 update anyways tonight. I want to put it through its paces with the ideas concept. For example sample 1 bar from the rytm. Sample 1 bar from the AK. Slice it and mix those ideas up within group. Once you limit yourself to standalone mode you get creative. I also noticed that I took my 2000xl skills wi me into my studio and learned to like it more. I’ll make a Google sheet on what standalone adventures I can get into. I’ll make a tab for people to write suggestions too.

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I have a maschine but put it in the cupboard recently. NI stuff doesnt seem to play nice with my computer unfortunately. And i could never get it to load plugins into the maschine software either. Which is a shame because i really like the idea of it.
But yeah im running Ableton, OT and a bunch of other stuff hardware wise so it just was a distraction. Ill prob get it back out in a bit and spend some real time trying to get it sorted.
But time is a limited reaource at the mo!!!