Goldne age compressor and elektron gear = nice!

I recently invested in a second hand golden age compressor (a neve clone) and i can’t recomend the neve style warmth enough
as this strange box takes the elekrons into the analog domain.
particularly the mono shines in the upper and lower spectrum now
sometimes i am creating a roland style sequenced line and i am left thinking: is this a roland analog line!!

anyone esle using golden age outboard?

And if i like golden age what other ourboard would i enjoy to improve my elektrons?

at this stage i am looking at buying 500 series modules and have my eye on lindell eqs and compressor

If your going 500 there’s a ton of options - the lindels are going through a mkii revision so I’d wait for them personally.

I’d look at the new neve mic pres to run your mix buss through for colour and warmth.
You simply must look at the diyre colours. If you want warmth that’s where you’ll get it - it’s a modular saturator.

Hi Orwell,

I record all my instruments through a GAP Pre573 and into the Lindell 7x-500 compressor.
I bought the Lindell 6 unit 500 rack.

So far, i love the GAP, very quiet but tons of colour, The lindell 610 rack is AMAZING !! Sturdy, strong, beautiful, small and easy to carry around.
As far as the Lindell 7x-500, it is awesome for vocals in my opinion as it just gives that nice kick in your face and somehow the top-end comes alive.

Now, my A4 sounds awesome through the GAP but the Lindell 7x-500 isn’t the best for it. I think it’s a little too aggresive, maybe “cold”. I would think that an limiter would be best, maybe Latype.

Also, i agree with Dogma, the Colour from DIYRE seems awesome, especially that tape saturation but i believe there is quite some awesome plugins out there for that purpose, especially if you need to warm up a bit the mix. for example the Softube Tube compressor is great on the master. Or if you have a mac try this :

The Density2 is great for adding warmth (make sure you roll back the output volume though, it gets LOUD)