Google Doc of black artists/labels

Bandcamp waiving its fees today.


Maybe you’ve seen this going around but here is a link to an ever-growing list of black artists. I’d be interested in people’s recommendations.

Mine: Glia (post-beat), Jessica Ekomane (minimal abstract), Moor Mother (spoken word noise), Medhane (textural hiphop), MIKE (textural hiphop), Jean Grae (boom bap), dakim ( :goat:), Standing On the Corner (future jazz), meroitic (impressionist drones)


Good shout! Spent most of yesterday re-aquianting myself with his tunes. Recent live performance on YT if you haven’t seen it:
Really interesting to see him using a new MPC!

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You don’t have to like his beats…but you can.not. deny those moves.


Moor Mother is an absolute demon, often too intense for me, but been loving their work with other artists, like zonal (the bug + JK broadrick), show me the body, eartheater, and DJ haram as 700 bliss.

Afrodeutsche is really worth checking for those tense minimal techno vibes, and Dedekind cut is a goldmine of unexpected ambient explorations. Yves tumor provides a reimagining of experimental pop music, and Holy smoke is Jeremiah Jae and Zeroh doing steezy laidback oldschool hip hop.


Just browsing the list and saw Robert Aiki Aubrey Lowe (Lichens / experimental / modular + vox) and was reminded of this stunning piece:


Back in the mid 90s I used to run in the same circles with him when he was still in KC. We weren’t close per se but hung out several times and even had some band members in common with one of his first projects called Secular Theme. Good guy, love the fact that he’s gotten a decent following for his modular work over the years.

That’s cool, he seems like an interesting cat. Actually got into him from a compilation CD for Arthur magazine (RIP) by Al Cisneros of Sleep. After checking out his stuff was surprised to turn around and see him in Om with Cisneros! One of the things exemplified in that video is the exploration of sound, and he really takes the time to do it.