Gotharman zaTurn Polyphonic Modular Synthesizer

Gotharman latest machine on preorder. Guy usually demos pretty industrial and distorted sounds, but the demo shows another side of the synth too. trying to get my head around the system 8 part poly with sampler.


Enjoyable demo!

Sounds very versatile
The demo leans more towards industrial 80s , but like all Gotharman instruments can go deeper and dirtier than most.

Im the proud owner of a Gotharman Urano (vcf 2 + vcf 5) and a Zaturn Vothar.
Those are the best sounding synthesizer i ever tried.
My studio is not ready yet but i’ll try to post some demos soon.

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I’d definitely like to see more Zaturn demos. It seems so versatile from reading the manual.

Looking forward to that
Ld3 Zaturn & spazedrum owner here

I will,
I’m still renovating my studio space so everything is packed but i will do some demos.
I feel those instruments are misunderstood since there is not a lot of variety in the demos you can find online.