Granular with OT?

I saw Carl’s video about doing granular synthesis with the DT and I assume it’d be possible to do it the same way on the OT by automating and setting the start time and length when not in slice mode, correct? Am I missing something that would make this exclusive to the DT?

I think you have a couple options - Length as you said, and LFO on Start. But you can also use Retrig on INF, and adjust the Retrig Time to smaller increments to achieve different results (try 1/16 or 1/8)

Just be sure to turn Timestretch OFF, as this can introduce clipping sounds when manipulating Start in certain cases.

Also, as another option with timestretch, we have the ability to set it to ‘time’, and can get different sounding effects when playback Rate is set to very low values.


Dope. Gonna try all that out later. Thanks!

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One difference is that the sample start and length are more precise (hence higher resolution) on the Digitakt. Octatrack is 0-127 (128 increments), while DT is 0.00-120.00 (12000 increments).

But in principle - sure, it’s doable on the Octatrack as well. :smile_cat:

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Ah, but you can manually mess with start/length/end with sample accurate resolution on the OT in the audio editor while the sequencer is going, and end moves with start so you can scan. You can’t use lfos or scenes directly to the high res parameters with this method but the res is higher than DT… 44100 per second of sample…:smile_cat:


Gotcha. Thanks, Carl. I wish they’d up date the OT with newer features like this and trig probability!


You’re not alone, my friend. You’re not alone.


Hi dustmotes
can you explain what you mean by Retrig on INF?

Thanks again for those tips, you gave me a few days ago. :wink:
You can modulate Start/End/Loop in the Audio Editor, and have 8 tracks playing realtime that modified sample (Can DT do it?). You can play crossfader at the same time. Zoom is very useful for that.

Actually the minimum length is 64 samples (1.5 ms, G#, 95.1 bpm).

I think Retrig (simply repeats the triggering of the sample) is too harsh and it doesn’t retrig envelopes, lfos, so for granular I prefer Trig Counts, in Microtiming Page (Hold Trig, right arrow, up arrow). The step can be divided in 8 retrigs, which trigs enveloppes.

Other good points for Octatrack : zero crossing selection (FN+Knob), loop point, pingpong loop (less harsh), and slices, with auto zero crossing selection, that can very short. In addition, you can add a short loop point per slice, with zero crossing too. :loopy:
You can use Length on Slices too, which make another difference with DT.

Lfo on start to emulate Time Stretch of Pitch Shifting let you morph between “regular” sound of a drum loop that can become a granular synth.

DT has higher pitch range above 0.

OT wins here I think, with the control of 240 parameters with the crossfader + real-time wave editing, zero crossing…


What the ?
Another buried candy ?
Cool !

Sick thread, the kind I love :smiley:

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You didn’t know Trig Counts? (not sure to understand buried candy, Candy is dead ?)
Try it with different values, use copy trigs, and play with attack/decay, hold set to minimum.
Very short glitchy grains heaven. :thup:
Unfortunately you can’t use plock or lfo with it.


Ah, I haven’t fully tested, is 64 samples the minimum length but you can still change the start parameter sample accurate or does it move in chunks of 64? When I did this I think I liked the sample set to loop instead of using retrig, I know I tried both, its been awhile though, will try again when I can get back to OTing…
And I’m with @LyingDalai on trig counts on Microtiming page? What the? :smile:

Nope, didn’t know this. Buried treasure and hidden candies were mixed obviously.
To late to try tonight but I’m thrilled :smiley:


I can’t use Playback page Retrigs since in know Trig Counts, mainly because of enveloppe retrig with those.

Yes the start is sample accurate (depending on zoom 44100 per sec), and the minimum length set with End (and Length) is 64. So you can modulate the sound with chuncks of 64.

If you press Start/End button, I think it is can set perfect divisions of the sample (something like 8/8, 7/8, 6/8 etc…) Edit : no sure about that actually.

Candy is alive. :content:


On the Playback page, set the Retrig count to the maximum value. Then the Retrig Time becomes kind of like the “grain size” and will yield different results. It can get pretty “buzzy” - so as Carl suggested in his great video, you can add a low pass Filter to soften that up.


This too! And this is why it’s such a wonderful machine. So many possibilities.


ah thank you :slight_smile:
I am totally amazed of the possibilities I am still able to experience…
The OT is really a box full of almost endless possibilities…

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Goddamn. Every time I think I’m getting a grasp on what the OT has to offer, people break out tons of other shit.


That makes two of us! Looking forward to trying this out