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Dieter says delete.


About to…

Dieter says delete.

I don’t see a BUY button on my Cycles. Where is it?


I haven’t owned a Syntakt, but I own and love a Model:Cycles, and this makes perfect sense to me. After the hype quiets down, it’s often easier to understand and appreciate gear for what it really is. I hope you have a great time with it.


And more importantly: What exactly do you buy when you press it?

And I thought I had pressed them all. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

noooo, why did you change the title? that was fun! :slight_smile:

Another Elektron, of course. Doesn’t matter which. We always knew the Models were a gateway drug. :slightly_smiling_face:


Thinking of it seriously…

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…it’s one of the swedish essentials…and their biggest bang for the buck…

so, have fun…

wonder though, that u did’nt like their most favourite formfactor of all times…that rock solid klak klak zak zak metal block digi square…

especially given the fact that in st’s case, u got all the cycles magic in advanced mode plus a little rytm magic plus a little a4 magic plus a little heat magic all in one super sturdy box…


So much going on.


Search button is absolutely helpful.

I got mine last week. My first Elektron device. I’m loving it so far.


M:C is my favorite synth that I own.


Enjoy. I keep thinking about buying a second one just in case


Lol. Same. Is that nuts?

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I bought one a few days ago but sold it after one day with it…
Dont get me wrong, its a lovely machine, especially for that price… what turned me off was the stiff feeling of the buttons and the lack of many functions I love…

I already miss it, but it was not for me… guess its meditation time again when riding a train.

Together with Gravlax and Ă„rtsoppa.

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Yeah. The pads are pretty useless unless you’re really desperate to finger drum a kit. It could have been the greatest groovebox ever made if it wasn’t for the pads imo.

I compose on it and occasionally control it externally with nice pads. It’s the beatmaker.

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We’re not alone, others have said the same. Maybe it’s an unconscious prediction that in 5 years they won’t be manufacturing them anymore … and it being so cheap, it has a lot of value …