Grendel Grenadier ..anyone using?

So…the Grendel Grenadier really cought my interest but would love to hear any user experience.

Love the sound of what ive heard so far but that dosnt tell the whole story about this little machine.

No users here?

I have one, build quality is great, sound is as heard in the various demos, definitely it’s own flavor of acid, although it is good for drones and percussion stuff too. Sequencer/keypad is handy/fun. The tweaking is not too similar to any other synth due to the odd-ish architecture but it does not take long to get used to, it is a fun machine limited to a specific soundset which it does very well indeed.

Definitely next on my list for a monosynth. Been wanting another flavor of acid and I think this will be perfect.

Hmm i shouldnt but i probably place a order tomorrow :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
One of the more interesting synths ive seen since lately

Thanks for ur telling experience with it…defenetly sounds like it worth the money

Do u have any demos, tracks or videos of the Grenadier? :slight_smile:

I have one too.

Its a great machine with a lovely sound. Love the formant filter!

And like Darenager said its build quality is amazing, built like a tank.

IMO this well worth the money. Nothing like it on the market…

Now looking forward to the new Grendel Drone Commander mk2… :astonished:

So u guys thats has the Grenadier…do u sequence it from A4? IF so…what sort of cables do u use for the cv?

This thread is so timely. I happened to just order a Grenadier today. I just got an A4 (for the third time) last week, and was looking for something cool to pair it with to sequence by CV. The Grenadier + A4 seems like a match made in heaven to me; the A4 can control CV/Gate and both alpha and beta parameters. I’m really excited to see what I can do with the two combined.

I’d be interested in cables too. I have to order some, and I’ve never used the A4 to sequence other gear with its CV outs yet.

Nice one. I also placed an order…so now its just a waiting game and try to figure out the cable situation :joy:

A small Drone/Ambient experiment just using a Octatrack and the Grendel Grenadier…

Bump to see if anyone has experience with A4 and Grendel Grenadier.