Grid recording mode help

A question for the Syntakt crew!

I’m new to the Digi format. I’m pretty sure on the A4 it remembers the last note you played on the mini keyboard when entering notes in Grid Recording Mode, so you select a note and enter some Trigs, choose another note, enter some more Trigs etc.

On the ST it just enters the note selected on the Trig page, regardless of the last note you played. Is there a way for me to select a note on the Chromatic Keyboard (in my selected scale) and then enter that note in Grid recording Mode?

The only way I can find to do this is in Step Recording Mode., which works just fine, I just want to check I’m not missing something?

Thanks guys


I think I just found my answer in an old Digitakt thread. It looks like this isn’t possible, so you need to use Step Recording mode to enter notes from the chromatic keyboard, which works perfectly well. I just wanted to check I wasn’t missing something.

On a side note, is the Step Recording mode available on the Digitakt or is this new to the ST? Seems pretty cool. The jump mode is handy when entering longer notes. I’ve not seen that on a hardware sequencer before.

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DT, DN and ST have a Step Recording mode.

Also, if you have an External Keyboard connected via MIDI, you can input notes (in Grid Recording mode) by holding a Trig and pressing a note on the Keyboard.


Ok thanks. I do have a Keystep so will have a go!

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I know this thread is old as hell, but wanted to chime in here for anyone else dealing with this. @x0x, what you’re looking for is actually possible, the manual just doesn’t make it super clear.

If you’re in step recording mode (hit REC + STOP), and then do a short press to activate keyboard mode (press but don’t hold FUNC + TRK – if the Keyboard screen pops up you’ve held the buttons for too long), pressing FUNC will bring up the keys in your selected scale, allowing you to quickly input melodies using the chromatic keyboard.


Also… if you go to the trig page, where velocity and note length is at, you can use an encoder to change the note itself. If you just set the note, then all the notes will be that note… if you hold the button to make a trig condition, then you just set the note for that one step.

I also just play in the notes loosely, then later in the sequence, Ill copy and paste the notes where I want them on the down beat, then shift the notes to the beginning of the pattern.