Grid sequencing pitch

I am not understanding how to change the pitch of notes off the standard C using the grid sequencer. The manual seems to say to go to chromatic tab, hit the pitch you want and then program the trig on the grid. That doesn’t give me a new/different pitch.

I’m clearly not understanding the instructions properly. Any suggestions?

Thank you!

In step recording mode hold down the trig and then press the pad of the note you want it to be.


That worked a treat, thanks! Should have known. My intuition is backwards compared to Elektron. I was hitting and holding the note/pad and then hitting the trig. Of course it’s the opposite of holding the trig and hitting the pad!

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You could also plock the tune parameter of available.

Works great for samples and some machines but I believe the kicks are tuned different so the actual musical steps aren’t what you’d expect.

Choosing to plock the tune vs note is kind of a preference or case by case thing.

Plocking the actual note on the trigger page probably makes the most sense in most cases though.

This is all great helpful info.

Quick question, the digitakt trig panel seems to tell you the note of a specific trig, Rytm seems to only assign it a number? Is there someway of seeing what note a specific trig is? I.e. c#3, a4 etc.

One thing to be aware of when it comes to pitch: slide/glide only work on tune not on note.

It kind of makes sense - note is used only to trigger the note, but tune can be changed at any time while the note is playing.

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It’s I’m understanding you correctly, you just hold on the trig down and you’ll see any plock assigned to it.

Including trig note or tuning.