Grooverider GR16 iOS App - iOS Electribe EMX2 clone

Just bought this the other day, basically its a software clone of the korg electribe EMX2. Currently $10 and IMHO amazing value if you have an iPad.

Dub Tech Demo here:


All these iPad music apps are like this blackhole where 10, 15, 20 dollars goes every few months and I loose interest in the apps just as fast. But that’s gotta be 99% my problem.

This looks like a great one for the iOS music making crowd!

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Next up…

Mickey Finn MF16 ESX2 clone
Kenny Kenn KK16 RM1X clone
Ellis Dee ED16 MC909 clone
Slipmatt SM16 RS7000 clone

And let’s not forget Doc Scott’s DS16 Emu XL-7 Command Station clone :rofl:


its a great app, and workflow is super quick if you have used one of the latest electribes. I really hope they update it with midi mapping, so I can actually use the electribe to control it…


Me too. I end up wanting to just go in live or maschine and adding. Mainly these apps are sound modules I layer with. I need the tactile touch of my daw / sampling workstation. They are inspirational though.

Does it do midi out?

Its intended for an update apparently.

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“Hardcore will never Die”


I’ve had this app for a while, but “rediscovered” it a few months ago. One thing to note is that its implementation of Elektron-style conditional trigs is pretty cool.

This is turning into a killer app for when I want to do an informal live set or two, but I don’t want to take my full Elektron-centric rig. I did a couple of Halloween parties a few weeks ago where I mixed some GR-16 performance with some more traditional DJing of prerecorded songs. The GR-16 sound was tight and beefy through the PA and kept people dancing.

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I had this lying around on my ipad since its release and ignored it. Had a session with it this weekend and was pretty impressed.
Never had an Electribe, but GR feels very Elektron to me. Lot’s of automation, trig conditions, very direct.
The synths, onboard samples and effects sound very good. You have a lot of synthesis flavors like subtractive, fm, wavetable, xmod and ringmod but the controls are very simple and straight forward. You can also import your own samples.
Very powerful. Can easily compete with hardware grooveboxes imo.

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Glad to see Ukrainian Jim , dev of GR16 & Pure Acid, posted this on YouTube, it’s dripping in Prodigy influence:


It’s like Climbatize and Narayan had a baby