Gutnishy Islands Sound Pack for Analog Four

Lose yourself in Gutnishy Islands, an immersive and atmospheric Analog Four Sound Pack created by Cristian Vogel during his residency at the Visby International Centre for Composers.

If the 128 sounds - pads, leads, basses, percussive options and more - and their names evoke a sense of location, that is very much the case. The streets of this small charismatic island town in the middle of the Baltic Sea presented Vogel with plenty of inspiration for a sonic soundscape ripe for picking.

Places change over time and so do many of these sounds, full of character and adjustment as they unfold. There is a wonderful mix of abstract and atonal, and familiar more straightforward options to work with too, which can be utilized on your own compositions to whatever degree you desire.

Listen to more of Gutnishy Islands and purchase here.
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moment of shock

Looks like no A4/AR updates this year. And no A4 anniversary edition. Only soundpacks. Thats sad.


I really love the sounds I’m hearing!

This is a very cool concept :slight_smile:

I’m not sure that Christian Vogel is actually one of the developers at Elektron. Not sure why folk tend to pile onto any official announcements this way … :sketchy:

gnarly sounds :eight_pointed_black_star:


Love the sounds from the demo very much. Nice lo-fi-ish character. I’m not buying any soundpacks as a rule but this is truly inspring to explore A4s beauty further and further and further!

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Some really nice demo tracks, especially loved the chord progression on the first and the crunchy textures on the last track.

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Christian Vogel’s work on anything he touches is nothing short of superb. :+1:


You think that’s sad… I bought a Gibson Les Paul in 1993 and I’ve STILL not had an update, 30 years of waiting, just pathetic.

Bad jokes and sarcasm aside, this sound pack is great and the concept/story is cool, much more interesting than the usual generic-EDM fodder.


Yeah, but Gibson makes new versions of the Les Paul every single year…so those are in fact updates :wink:. Analog four only had 2 hardware versions in 10 years, and no firmware updates in over 2 while the digis have gotten multiple updates in the same timeframe.

Following your logic, I guess you should get a Digi, then ^^

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Do they make an analog four in digi format? :wink:

IF I had one of these lovely machines, I’d be compelled to buy this pack - as I’m sure I’d learn from and enjoy exploring Vogel’s ideas/programming. I’m a huge fan of his - this could be the most nerdy/artistic connection I could have with him - :smile:

I bought this pack and have really enjoyed messing around with it. It deserves to sell well.