Hardware MIDI Sequencer - Digitakt vs Maschine Mk3 vs?

I was considering buying an Analog Rytm Mk2 and an Analog Four Mk2 for my initial hardware set up, I’m still defo getting the Rytm but I thought for the price of an A4 I could just get a something that sequences MIDI and a few cheaper small synths, such as the Roland Boutiques to add a bit of diversity. It’s a damn shame the Rytm does’nt have MIDI sequencing or I’d be sorted but I need a sequencer, I’ve been looking at the Digitakt or the Machine Mk3, I’ve used the Digitakt so kind of know what its capable of so I guess my main question is how does the Machine Mk3 compare as a MIDI sequencer and is there anything that could be better than both?

I have A4, DT and Maschine MK3

As far as MIDI sequencing, the sky is the limit with Maschine

But, it all depends on how you work. I get different things done when I work on the Elektron sequencers. More immediate, happy accidents, different sounds, etc…
I normally just sample whatever I do into Maschine as audio and carry on arranging

A lot of Elektronauts will sing about P-Locking, which is awesome and immediate, but Maschine can do that as well (mostly). It’s not as slick, but you can make it work if you have to.

If you are looking for a pure midi sequencer which is really capable you should also check out the Squarp Pyramid.

Check midibox seq v4+

The Squarp and Midibox look nice, bit pricey for just sequencers though. Having looked at the Maschine more I’m thinking of sacking off the Elektron gear all together and just getting that and some synths. Think Elektron have missed a trick by not inlcuding MIDI sequencing with the Rytm, that would have been a no brainer purchase otherwise.