Harold Budd RIP



Damn… :frowning_face:

Oh no

no way! :cry:



So weird. Stumbled on, and loved, this last night:

Rest In Peace.


Oh, that’s gutting, saw him up close at the Southbank in the 80s, mesmerising motifs and washes on solo piano, really special memory (alongside a tonne of other EG artists) along with the records in my formative years - really under appreciated figure, gee what a crappy way to go - bit of a downer that, gonna dig out some old vinyl to remember him today

probably lovely thunder


:slightly_frowning_face: His work with Eno on the ambient series was something else. Also the Perhaps and Jane albums.


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I started at Lovely Thunder (I’ve listened to Moon and Melodies way too much). Now on Avalon Sutra. That he died from the calamity that will define 2020 reframes this music in a way as perfect exit music to the year.

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Harold Budd was very much my gateway to all things ambient and modern classical. More than any other more electronic artists. All thanks to The Moon and the Melodies. Personal favourite is The White Arcades.

RIP Harold. So it goes.


Somewhat prophetically, I just picked up a Digital Piano for my son today, a roland as it happens - swap that n for an h and you have an anagram of Harold :ooh: … I shall try to encourage the calling of this device, Harold, as a quiet tribute

I think I was still at school at that gig, so I would not have seen much beyond rock format acts by then, I recall Budd was on early in that E’G festival, possibly first, so in all likelihood the first solo pianist I saw, not the last, but most memorable besides maybe (for the wrong reasons) a jet-lagged Philip Glass adding in quite a few off notes, mind you seeing Charlemagne Palestine was kinda memorable too for different reasons, bloodied ivories ! Budd was magical though, even looking up at the underside of his Grand, all the more mysterious how it ebbed and flowed so wonderfully


Huge bummer.


Covid wasnt the cause of his death it just exacerbated a condition he already had. This is the spiel hospitals give to relatives.

Mr Budd was a legend. I have all his ambient stuff.

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R.I.P. Harold Budd. Just a few weeks ago a friend hipped me to the album Nighthawks, with Harold Budd, John Foxx, and Ruben Garcia. Listening to that album was one of the most tranquil moments I enjoyed this Autumn. The music carried me to another time altogether. Thank you Harold.

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Harold’s records have meant so much to me over the years. May he Rest In Peace.

Best shoegaze/ambient advice I ever came across, curtesy Harold Budd…


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