Has OB (latest version) messed with anyone's midi controllers?


Anyone have experience with OB Rytm actually messing up communication with another USB midi controller?

I’m having PolyBrute USB midi connectivity problems. Works fine, then just stops randomly. Happens time and again.

Interestingly USB clock sync between it and DAW is still OK, but it loses MIDI communication when trying to record its notes into a midi track.

I"m trying hard to find the culprit. The only thing I can pin it down to is so far is Overbridge. Because I tried both Reaper and Ableton, and after adding OB Rytm plugin, the PolyBrute lost communication some time after.

Or, it would be a Windows 10 issue. But something within the DAW environment is causing it to lose communication over USB midi. Works, then stops working.