Has the OT aged well?

I love the OT it’s a brilliant machine. But has it survived the test of time?
Does the features and effekts that came half a decade ago still bring it?

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Yes. It does a great job as a looper / sampler. Effects sound good enough to get people on the dancefloor too.


There is no question in my mind. This box does things that no other has done prior to or since its release. You’re looking at a future classic.


Probably the best single device ever.


Really weird question for me ! 7 years is old ?
What about Tb 303, Tr 909, Mpc 60 ?
It is still very modern for me, and let you make the most incredible things that hardware can do in one box nowerdays.
I’m 43, do you think I’m too old ? ::sketchy:


The OT has allready “classic” status IMO, dispite it splits the community.

Interesting and true. But do you see it lacking anything that has come during the last 6 years that was equally mind blowing?

The things that effected my music the most during these years have been conditional trigs and different type of loopers/scatters. And one of them is coming:)

Which community ?

Half a decade is nothing, a blink of an eye. Heck, even digital devices from the 80s still bring it. Good ideas and sound stand the test of time and will never become obsolete.


Conditionals are coming with OT don’t you know?
Edit : sorry you meant Trc were coming, that’s it? :wink:
I bought Ot as a looper too first, with RC505 for Scatter and easy looping but I kept OT only for that.

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I find it funny to hear complaints of the effects, when to my ears at least, the compressor is hands down the best I’ve ever heard on any sampler. It makes sense to have a great compressor on what many will use for dance music styles, and Elektron delivered.


Not in this forum, but when you read OT threads on boards like gearslutz there are definitely alot of people wich couldnt cope with it.


I think most of the GS community just buys gear to collect or look cool. There seem to be more people here writing and performing music, I think.

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Has it aged well?
It is starting to go grey a little… :wink: (mk2)


Has there been a lot of complaints on them(effects)?

My thoughts were mostly around what has been innovative during the last five years, that people will compare it to.

One such thing that comes into mind is the Samplr app for iPad. And different type of granular samplers.

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Mine have red spots. Is it a bad sign ?

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Ot can be a kicking ass granular sampler!

Makes it look more distinguished :wink:


I would absolutely still buy OT if it came out today for the first time. Its unparalleled, I think thats probably why they havent wasted money on making a full OT2