Hate new years? vent off here!

oh boy do I hate this fucking explosives and collective drinking and getting wasted.


And the bad vibes you get when you decide not to do anything…

This year, once again, wife and I are staying home, with our cats, nice food and a few drinks.

Plus it’s my bday and I’ll get some presents!!!


happy birthday!

I like the idea of. I’m a bit of a superstitious romantic who typically hates the year he just experienced and likes the notion of things being different. As far as the parties go…meh…


yeah man … happy birthday :thup:

yeh have a good one everyone. Happy birthday Automageddon!

only thing I dislike is the explosives tbh. The biggest jerks seem to buy the most of them.

Just made food with my girlfriend and we’re having friends over for dinner/drinks/games and that’s it, shouldn’t be too bad.

Glad to see I’m not the only grumpy old man…

Have a great one everyone, may your sofa be a blessing on your back!

I’m sick. Sinus infection. Ears beginning to clog up. So not even enjoying music right now. No parties tonight. Beat that! :joy:

Just remember the “new year” means nothing more than a date on the calendar. It does not represent the equinox. The sun reaches its “apex” a few days after the 1st ( check with Neil Degrass Tyson for specifics).
It is just another day… so avoid the drunks and have fun in anyway you like…I’m getting dragged to a party but I’m the DD so I’ll be wide awake and ready for some early morning music making when I get home.

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Tonight’s plans are the same as last year’s plans.


Damn, wish I was going to your house!


I’m at work. Still working now. Closest bottle of Champagne about 120km away. New year party with sparkling water only. :dizzy_face:

Hurry up, it’s already late afternoon 2017 here in AUS.
Yeah just another day for me too and I am so over fireworks.

Normally can’t drive on NYE, due to driving one friend home.

So what did we do on our rock & roll NYE, watched Thunderbirds Are Go (the old feature-length film) and The Omen.


Used to host big parties back in the late 90s, early 2000s. They were always a bit weird though, since the club would start emptying at about half-past-midnight, due to people being on promises of going to friends’ house parties.

Mee too, but most of, to me is a day/night like others.
No reasons to go crazy.
Went to a friends party, but it will be the last time, complete non-sense if there’s no setup to play :smiley:


Signing up to work on New Years Day was a terrible decision