Have I got this completely wrong?

UI could have sworn I saw in a video made by the legend that is Cuckoo that on the Analog RYTM so long as the sample has the same name it will be found by the kit but when I save a Kit from one project via C6 and then load that new Kit in to another project the correct samples aren’t added in the sound pool :frowning:

For example if in the original kit I had used a white noise sample in the kit, in sound pool slot 5 - when I load the kit in to another project it just uses whatever sample is in slot 5 instead of attaching the white noise sample.

Is this how it works? Will mean I will have to keep on top of what is where at all times, booo :(:frowning:

Nope this is the way it is (at least for the time being). Not sure if the new version of Transfer has changed things at all… check this thread out for ideas/solutions etc

Whoopsie, thought that was the case then was watching an old Cuckoo video where he said that the machine would find samples with the same name and wondered whether I got it wrong.

Thank you for the link - will get my reading glasses on :face_with_monocle: