Have you experienced this bug?

I have been living with this bug for years, and it’s very strange for me that I have not heard anybody talking about it. Maybe my OT is broken?

The bug is that, from time to time, the OT doesn’t reproduce the proper sample from a random track (with a static machine), and it reproduces the sample I have in the first slot.

To solve the problem, I double click the faulty track and I press Shift+Yes to hear the preview of the sample. Then all is OK.

Thinking a lot about this problem, I have thought that maybe my card (wich is the original one that came with the OT) is not fast enough to search the proper file and this is why it reproduces the first one. I will have to try with a new card to see if the bug continues or not.

I have place a percussive loop in the first slot, so at least there is no problem with the tonality when I experience the bug.

The bug occurs almost everytime I take my OT to a gig once or twice in the night.

Did you report it to Elektron?

I seem to recall something similar way back in an early OS. Is your OS up to date? Perhaps you have been recycling the same base project for “years” and there is a bug leftover in the project from an early OS? You are still using the 4GB? Transcend? that came with the OT originally? Perhaps it is as simple as this. I know lots of that batch of CF cards were lemons, mine was, it failed after a year or so.
Another thought is perhaps you have sample locks on a sequencer track you are not noticing?

@PeterHanes: I didn’t report the bug to Elektron. but I am going to do it right now!

@NRain: My OT is updated, but yes, the project is the same I began a few years ago with an early OS. And I am using the same 4gB Trascend that came with the OT when I bought it.

I dont think is a problem with sample locks. I have looked at this.

Ok, if you have been recycling the same project for years, that is likely the issue IMO. Perhaps Elektron can help, perhaps not, but if you are patient, the OctaEdit utility that is currently under development by Rusty “should” help you to seamlessly move the content of the dirty project to a fresh project. More info here: http://test.http://www.elektronauts.com/t/octaedit-win-osx-octatrack-software-editor/4742/92885

Also, it would be possible to manually move the content to a fresh project, but would be a bit labor intensive, mostly in reloading samples to all of the sample slots. If you decided to go this route, I could give you the steps to take. You would however lose anything done in the arranger.

I wrote today morning to Elektron, and in a few hours they have answered and they will send me a new 16Gb card for free. :slight_smile: They say it could be a problem of the old 4gb card, that is not fast enough.

So let’s hope they are right, and it will work in the new card!