Headless Horseman

He's one of the most original rising stars in the techno world, and he has brought musical narrative back into the genre while still making the club kids dance like never before. We took the opportunity to do an interview with the Headless Horseman when he popped in at Elektron HQ to get a first look at Analog Heat. Don't be fooled by his dark and haunting appearance, more often than not his tunes warm the heart and soul. And guess what? Turns out he has a real good head on his shoulders. Figuratively speaking. [Read the Talk with Headless Horseman](https://www.elektronauts.com/talk/103)

Thank you very much for this interview, I am totally fond of this fellow.
In fact, I think he is the very one that got me into techno !

So interesting, and IMHO the level is continuously rising.

Where is the horseless headman?

I’m right here. At least, I think that’s me. I don’t have a horse, and I’ve tripped the light fantastic enough that you could call me a “Head”, man. :cheeky:

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his boiler room set is great. great techno. legit.


Wonder if he can see?

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who cares. the music is good. he’s constantly doing stuff so i’m guessing dude sees fine.

He says in the interview he sees only his machines, not the crowd. This pseudo isolation helps him stay in the trance state he needs for playing.

I really like the fact that this way he also impersonate his music, it really feels like he’s being animated by it, not the other way around.


Awesome. Much better live than a legless horseman

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HH is the man. His boiler room set is fire!

Watching this new HH set (OT, DT, A4MkII, 0-Coast, and some kind of external delay unit offscreen.) He’s super ridiculously skilled on elektron gear live.

Incidentally, a HH liveset in san francisco was the first time I ever came across elektron gear - a friend invited me and pointed out ‘he’s using two octatracks, crazy’ and I’m like…what’s an octatrack? Fast forward some years later and I finally have my own;)


Nice set. I bet it’s a zen delay he’s using.

Funny that he uses DT to control the 0-Coast, instead of the A4…

What I love about him is that he still has something to say in these days. Instead of the industrial techno bangers that kind of make no sense right now he plays an IDM-ish set that makes more sense in a home-listening scenario.