Hearing protection while performing- IEM's vs 'traditional' headphones

Hello all

Quick query- im meant to be playing a small gig next month, and have become a bit obsessed/paranoid over the monitoring situation, or more specifically how to ensure im not exposed to loud noise levels while im playing (I know the venue well, its very small and very loud, and whenever im there as a punter i wear hearing protection). Basically on the lookout for either IEM’s or sturdy over-ear headphones that are capable of a decent level of sound attenuation, and so far within budget it falls to either Shure SE215 or Beyerdynamic DT150 (plus headphone amp im guessing), both of which appear to offer around -37dB attenuation, which seems pretty decent. All i’ll be doing is running it out of the headphone out of my OT, with the aim being that i can monitor at a sensible level, while also keeping out a fair chunk of the actual noise levels around me. Any thoughts?