Heat! Anyone using OT midi to change presets on AH?

Hullo fellow 'nauts:

Anyone figured out how to send prg chg CC to Heat from Octatrack (or Monomachine for that matter) to change presets on the Heat ? Says in the manual it can be done, but doesn’t explain how:

I don’t see a CC value for prg change in the index at all. (correct me if I’m blind !)

I’ve figured out how to use CC’s to plock the different encoder values, just not switch presets yet.

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I don’t think you need to know a CC no as you just set the Heat to accept program change messages (usually on channel 16), then send them on that channel from the OT.

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But actually the Heat is different isn’t it because on the other Electrons the program changes follow the patterns, but the Heat has no patterns only presets… not sure how they relate

So… sorry can’t help, but someone will know

MIDI Program Change messages are not the same as MIDI Control Change (CC) messages. To change program on the Heat, just send a Program Change message on the AH’s MIDI channel.

You can have the OT or MM do this either by enabling this when they change their patterns, or by programming it in their MIDI sequencer tracks.


Thanks @PeterHanes I’ll look up in the OT manual how send program change from Midi tracks. So far the only means I know of to send Prg Chg is by changing patterns. That would be weird however to change presets on heat when I change patterns !

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In OT’s MIDI tracks, press Function + Playback/Note, there you can create one program change per MIDI track per part, so you can use parts (not sure but also may be mute unmute MIDI tracks) to achieve different Program Changes on a single OT pattern.

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…anyway if you are working on the full mix and fully wet or near fully wet you will notice a 50ms gap when changing presets with different characters, so program changes needed to be send 50ms in advance or you will cut the first 50ms of the first Bar. Program changes sent by the Octatrack while changing Patterns are sent even earlier so the AH preset change won’t be quantised neither.

That’s why I use Max to change presets on my AH, perfect quantize, and no gaps.

Just resurrecting this thread.

When I have my OT set to send program change and I’m playing a pattern, when I stop the pattern the heat resets to init preset.

Any ideas why? (@sezare56 you all knowing OT-oracle)

I would assume it’s defaulting to initial value which in your case is nothing = init. Tried setting the initial value as a prog ch too?

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Does it change the preset number, or is it still the same preset?
Do you send Program Changes with Midi tracks or MIDI > SYNC page?
Do you stop, or double stop ?

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When I doublestop it happens.
It changes preset to init.

Its under sync.

I checked, my saved presets are not initialized.
Do you save them?