Heat screen type

On the product page the screen looks like an orange backlit LCD, with black text against orange, on the Sonic State video it looks like an OLED screen with orange text against black, so are my eyes deceiving me or has the screen in production models changed, or is it just inverted, or something else?

pretty sure it’s just the contrast in the sonic state video is cranked to the max, making the display appear very contrasty. Looks like the good ol display we all know, same as in the other analogs, but other background color and inverted UI rendering (black = background)


They way it looks on our website is close to reality. Not OLED, LCD. (And inverted, yes!)
It’s amber - not red. The Sonicstate video has saturated the colors a bit too much.


…ok…brand new ah right out of the box…right next to my a few weeks old dt…

…and all that “now with oled displays” hype started with the ah, right?

because to me, this ah display does’nt look or behave like an oled display at all…
… i got the dt right next to it, and yes, on the dt i can clearly make out all the advantages of an oled display…

but the ah display seems just a mess…
from my workingposition in the studio, from where i handle the dt fine, all i can see on the ah is some orange lcd rectangle with another, a bit darker lcd rectangle in the center of it…while i can read out clearly what the dt has to say, right next to it…!

back and front moving viewing angle is poor…and sidewise it’s even more poor…really narrow…
even my old ot with it’s old classic lcd screen does way better…

so this is no oled display to me…just a bad and also very dark lcd screen, end of the day…but at least in a fancy colour…hey!

No, it is an LCD screen and is described as such by Elektron.

…the AH has an LCD screen, not OLED.

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it’s an LCD, where did you read OLED about AH?

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Has anyone found a compatible OLED screen for the Heat yet? I’d love to void a warranty and do a screen upgrade.