Heat with FX pedal send?

Please someone help me with this.
I have AH2 connected to my computer (overbridge) and I do not use the analog inputs and outputs.
I want to buy an FX pedal (Meris Ottobit jr).
Is it somehow possible for AH to send some signal to an external FX and back?
For example, I could use the analog ins and outs to send and return from the FX pedal. But then in Overbridge decide how much signal will be sent to the FX send

I hope so :blush:

Hey, there’s no insert in the signal path on the AH so you wouldn’t be able to do what you’re suggesting, you’d have to chain them which wouldn’t work for you using OB.

AH is essentially an effects box itself, so it’s something you would have as an insert, rather than something you’d use an insert on.

Here’s the signal path:

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Hey, thank you for replying so fast. I appreciate that!

Shame it can not be done. I wonder if it could be possible with my Syntakt? :thinking:

You don’t happen to have an audio interface do you? If so, most audio interfaces have outs that you could use to send audio from your computer out to the Otto Bit jr (congrats btw that thing looks like so much fun) and then run the effected audio back in thru any ins on the audio interface!

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I do, I have an Arturia AudioFuse. I believe it has a return on it, two in fact. I guess that is the way to do it then. Thanks

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