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Sorry for mixing Lionel Richie with The Beatles :slight_smile:

New Elektronaut here, proud owner of a s/h monomachineElektron. hat a wonderful box of tricks. I’m really looking forward to getting into it. I’ve already found this forum to be a great source of advice, tips and tricks and would like to think I can add something to the community (when I know a bit more).
Early days but I already need help. The s/h unit I bought came with os 1.10c installed; no user waveforms present (not even factory ones); no DigiPro Manager; and no ddraw or dens machines.
I’ve updated os to 1.32 and read that I need to install original factory waveforms (presumably as a midi upgrade) but the file “Elektron_SFX60MKII_waveforms.syx” doesn’t seem to available anywhere! I’ve started a support ticket at Elektron.se to try and get it but no response yet. I was wondering if anybody’s got a copy knocking about. Or if anybody’s got a copy of os 1.20 - that might work?
Hoping someone can help, Nikad.

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Sounds like you may have an MK1 MnM? If so, pretty sure they don’t have the digipro machines.

Original & several others inc Nic Lem ones are here

As mentioned they are MKII only!

If you find you do have a MKII but don’t have Digipro manager I have a special file somewhere that will unlock it ( hopefully, worked for me) :slight_smile:

No, definitely a mk2. Marked on casing and on boot up display. As boot up completes DigiPro logo slides to the left of the display and a message briefly flashes up to say “no waveforms installed, upload…” - it goes to quick to catch it all. Also if I load other people’s patterns which use ddraw and dens machines I can edit the machines (though not access the waveforms) but ddraw and dens not there when I go to make a new DigiPro machine.
Seems like it’s a known issue with some older mk2s and hopefully easy to sort out with the file which used to be available?

Yes please! I think this is exactly what I need! Loving the help guys. Banged a few walls with my head this weekend after chasing after every hint and link on the internet for a solution.

Yep I had this with mine, took it up to Datalines & he was like wtf, where is it?
Got a special file from Elektron, sure it’s still on my mac, get back to you shortly :slight_smile:

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Check out the 'Files" section

Mnm digipro file should be there.

Let me know whether it helps or not, best of luck

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Thanks mate. I’ll give it a try tonight. Though it looks like the one on the Elektron website that I tried already. I’m assuming this has to be sent to the MnM with c6 as a midi upgrade. When I tried it before I get an upgrade error and was guessing that it wasn’t a firmware update. I tried it many times with different settings in c6 but no luck, but os upgrade to 1.32 worked OK so don’t think it’s a c6/midi interface problem.

Issue resolved - thank you Elektron Support.
Got the right file, zapped it over sysex and I’ve now got a fully functional mk2. Very happy!
Loving this machine. Very quick to get cooking on it and a lot of fun. Almost got a track finished just out of playing around and exploring the machines while I get my head round it.

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Hey, would you be able to send this specific file to me? Because I have the same issues: MKII with 1.32b but no waveform manager. I also hve the TM-1.