Hello, my name is Mike and I suck at self promotion

Here is a wee album I made. Its a collection of work from the last year. Lofi maybe? Any other trendy words to describe music perhaps?
Nerds rejoice, there’s some nanoloop, lots of octatrack, some ‘vintage analogue’ from MS20, SH101, Monopoly, some fresh digital from digitone, and a bit of Sub37.

Available on all major streaming platforms

And as always, bandcamp



It’s what I hate most about the modern music world.
Whenever you post a track or an album on Bandcamp or SoundCloud or whatever they want you to tell them what to call it. Most of the time I’ve no idea what genre anything is, but I know what I like and this I like.

Decent album so far, I’ll admit to not listening to it all through yet, but will do so over the weekend.


Thank you very much :slight_smile:
Your support means a lot . Respect.

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Great work! I just listened to the whole thing and really enjoyed it. It’s obvious from listening that you put a lot of work into the composition and arrangement. I’m looking forward to listening to it again soon!


Thank you kindly.

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Rack 5. Absorption Falls is right up my alley…congrats…!

And you had me at “i suck at self promotion”


Thank you! That’s my personal favorite too.


This is a nice album you’ve put out here, I like that the overall mood of the songs goes well together. I also really like the title and cover photo. Also, highly relatable thread title. Great work, thanks for sharing!

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Thank you :slight_smile:

Your thread title is spot on, mate. I’m awful at self-promotion.

I can’t wait to give your album a spin tonight. I’m going to sit back, relax and take it all in.

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Hey Mike, you don’t stuck as you achieved to make me listen to your album, as well as a few others :blush:

I enjoyed listening to it a lot. I listen casually and not in the best sonic conditions, I love the variety and personality of it. It’s refreshing to feel " that’s someone’s création, sounds personal". To me at least.

I’ll give it another listen on a better system. Thanks for sharing!

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Thank you very much :slight_smile:

I have to give a shout out to @LyingDalai for doing some thing to my post, not entirley sure what was done, I’m not very good at internet gubbins but something changed, probably helped get more attention . So thanks!

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Well the links work! :slight_smile:

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Hi, I’m Mart. and I like listening to music.

I was looking forward to giving this a listen all day today.

Your favourite track is also my favourite tack.

You play with lots of different elements but keep a similar motif running throughout.
I like the sparseness of the tracks - the album definitely builds up and peaks in the middle somewhere. Some of the tracks have a lot of things going on. Although I like those the best, together, with the sparse tracks, this makes for an interesting listen.

It’s great to finish a project. I just finished mine and it’s about the same length. I told a mate down the boozer that there maybe one or two things I could do differently. I was talking about live improv and he thought I was talking about the elements of the track itself. But what he said next really hit me, like a train full whack in the face…
“What you have made is done. This is only the start. Build on the elements you made already for your next projects. That is progress, that is the way it should be.”

Keep up the good work, pal!


Really enjoyed this Mike,
The whole thing has got a very ear-pleasing vibe to it.
Well done my man.
Look forward to more from you.
Thank you. :nose::+1::v:

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very nice tracks. Love the vibe. Love theses synth sounds.


Banged this out a couple of times on a drive to Birmingham today.
The thing that struck me most was how well mixed a lot of it is, there’s plenty of space in the mix, especially in the first couple of tracks, which has really allowed you to play with harmonics and dynamics in a very satisfying way.
Also really liked the Bassline on infractal, proper uplifting.


So that first track.

I might be going into too much detail here but…dang ok.

Feels like playing a platformer (in color) and all of a sudden you find yourself glitched out in monochrome. You know your lost, but you have to make it back.

There’s something motivating about it.

Lavender Town ish?

Keep self promoting.

It’s working :upside_down_face:


Hi Mike,

I like the title of this thread, made me smile. Good for you getting some stuff out there and (not) self promoting - we’re all largely on the same grind. I’ll take a listen next time I have headphones on :raised_hands:

Keep on creating!


Thanks for all the comments and support folks! Makes it all worthwhile. Even got some sales on bandcamp :slight_smile: , which isnt why I do it, but it is always very humbling when people like my stuff enough to want to pay for it. Thankyou.

Yes, we are all in the same boat, some are fresh at sea, while some of us have been sailing a very long time. Some of us on the same ships, while some have captained many vessels only to end up in their own little dinghy, content and lost in the great noise ocean.

Those that checked out my back catalogue will know, my next release will be totally unlike Carrion Show.

Thanks again people, I really like hearing all the different interpretations of my music. Keep them coming! Cheers!