Help a Newb w A4

Greetings ! :slight_smile:

I just recently purchased a A4 (first piece of Elektron gear) and have been looking for resources to help expand my knowledge of this piece of hardware.

I’ve read both the manual and quick start guide, if anyone else can throw me links or files that will help deepen my knowledge with the A4, I would greatly appreciate it.

Nice username!

Here’s a quick ref that will steal your face right off your head…

Another tip: set the A4 in a location where you can focus. Make it the center point of your workflow and work hard!


This is the best resource going :wink: you’re welcome, and, welcome !

The Cuckoo tutorial on youtube for the analog keys sequencer is great. Just follow it along and make your own tune as he does.

Its the same synth engine and sequencer so applies just fine to the A4