HELP! Configuring AH + Overbridge + Logic

Hello all. Please help!

I’ve recently been using my AH mk 1 as a Soundcard with Logic Pro X. All good.

However, I’d like to use the AH + Overbridge as a plugin as well, for some master bus processing. I just can’t figure out how to get the plugin to appear in Logic?!

Could someone please explain how to make this work… I just can’t find a clear instruction anywhere.

I’d also note that I’ve got the latest beta overbridge and AH Mk1 stuff installed

Bump. I really need some help with this. I’m working on a bunch of tracks this week and would love to get it working!

I’ve read manuals but it just isn’t clear. The plugin won’t appear in Logic despite following install instructions. And the standalone version of the Heat plugin or Overbridge Control panel doesn’t let me access audio routing to do it that way either. What am I missing?!

bummer no one seems to reply much on this forum… did you figure this out? Im trying to figure out 2.0 in logic with my rtym mkii… very hard to find help, which is super surprising

Alas, no! I’ve been meaning to install the recent updates for AH etc. and try again.

I would’ve thought a bunch of people use Mac / Logic / OB / AH, so it’s a shame nobody has had any advice. Mind you, there’s always a pretty endless number of replies to “what gear should I buy” kind of threads!

I’ve recently sold my AH, but it did show up in the audio FX plugin list. Do your other Elektron devices (if you’ve got any) show up as instruments?