Help: connect model:cycles to Ableton?

hello, sorry I’m a bit new to this…
so I really want to connect my model:cycles to ableton so I can record the projects I’ve made.

I’ve connected my model:cycles to my computer via the usb cable, and I’ve checked both sync boxes under ‘preferences’…the model:cycles doesn’t show up as an option to check as audio input device…
Don’t know what I should do from this point on…

hope a friendly soul can help me out

You really need to give people more details, system/setup etc, as no-one can help properly, just stabbing in the dark…

sure as I said I’m a bit new to this so that’s probably why I don’t know which details to give you :))

On your Cycles check to make sure you have A+M selected in Device Config > USB mode.

thank you… I have done that now but still a bit unsure what to do from this point on…

hello :wave: model cycles is a class complient device. so it should just appear as an audio interface when you plug it in. Make sure you are using a working USB cable, and connecting it directly to pc (usb hubs sometimes dont work)

also i think you have to have windows 10 or higher for your pc to recognize class complient devices.

long shot but, check your windows recording devices when model cycles is connected.
right click volume button near clock -> recording devices -> right click inside the window that pops up -> checkmark the “show disabled devices”

perhaps its there, but your daw doesnt see it befcause its disabled in windows for some reason.

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omg thank you sooo much you saved my day. no, week! literally. haha. it was the usb hub that was the problem, I changed it and now everything works… thank you so much

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