Help Connecting A4 with AR only

Help please :frowning:

Im trying to fully sync my AR MK2 with my A4 MK2 but something seems to not be working. Id like the master to be the A4 but purging through these forms it seems that its more ideal to have the RYTM as the master which is fine by me! can some one please give me step by step instructions on how to achieve this. Ive be working on this for about a week now with no proper success. I have no mixer and nothing else just these 2 machines.

  1. What cable goes to what in the back
  2. what settings do I need to select within both machines

I’ve tried these steps below to the teeth and all I hear is a clicking noise when hitting the drum pads on the RYTM. Not sure whats going on so please someone save me. (again if you guys think the Rytm should be the master by all mean send me the instructions for that)

AR ‘Clock Send’ check
AR ‘Transport Send’ check
AR ‘Program Change Send’ check

A4 ‘Clock Receive’ check
A4 ‘Transport Receive’ check
A4 ‘Program Change Receive’ check

There is a midi cable from ‘AR Midi Out Sync A’ to A4 Midi In’

When I press AR ‘play’, the A4 also starts (as expected).

But when I change the pattern on my AR, no pattern change on my A4 :frowning:

Additional information that can be part of the issue:
midi port config of AR Receive Notes & Receive CC both ‘unchecked’
I did this to avoid ‘mutes’ from AR to A4.
I did this according to this: AR > A4 mute tracks issue

AR Program Change In CH = auto
AR Program Change out CH = auto

A4 Program Change In CH = auto
A4 Program Change out CH = auto

I think this is essential for my setup, but I am looking for this way too long now. I hope someone can help me out.

Sorry to hear you’re struggling.

Can you add a more detailed description of what you want to achieve? Which behaviours do you want, which do you not want? (it’s sorta implied by your list of settings, but it will be easier to help you if you’re very clear about what you want to happen.)

Can you also add your expectations/intentions for audio routing, mixing and processing, behaviours, and the connections you made for audio.

(The main problem you describe is that you don’t hear the audio you expected, but all the configuration you gave is MIDI. You might have an audio problem instead.)

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Thanks for responding Octagonist!

I want the AR to be the Master and the A4 to be the slave. I want to make the drum beats on the AR and I want to be able to add and create Synths on the A4. Im not doing anything to crazy I just want these machines to stay in time with each other.

I havent gotten to the mixing part yet as i dont have a mixer I just have these 2 machines. Yea with the instructions i posted I have this weird clicking noise when I hit the drum pads. Like its not even the drum sound its just a clicking noise in my headphones. I dont have any speakers running out of the master I just have my headphones plugged in.

well thats weird I also just realized my sequencer keys on my rytm controls the drum pad now? wtf did I do?

my current cable setup:
mIDI OUT to A4 midi IN
Rytm audio:
main out to A4 EXT IN
Headponhes plugged into A4

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If you unplug all the cables (and move the headphones to the AR), do you hear the AR as expected?

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Yes I do

The A4 has a mixer. Have you checked it’s passing through the sound from Ext In. the way you want? You can route external audio through the filter, envelopes and FX of a couple of the A4’s tracks - which I assume you don’t want to do: so check that’s not happening.

(I don’t have an A4 so I can’t confirm any of this myself.)

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volume up on the a4 OSC1 I hear loud tv static when I hit the pads…

man this is really frustrating like i cant find any simple instructions from start to finish on syncing these machines together.

I quickly scanned the A4 manual and didn’t see anything wrong in your set-up. I could easily have missed something because I didn’t give it much time.

Have you tried routing the audio the other way, from the A4 to the AR’s Ext. In ? This configuration would let you route the A4’s sound through the AR’s distortion and compressor, which might suit your sound… but also might highlight whether the problem you have is with the audio routing in the A4.

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Looking at the A4 manual’s Architecture Diagram (p109/110) I wonder if you need to bring up the levels of the Ext In. on the FX mixer page. See also the multi-device configuration in Section 15.2, page 76/77).

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ill try that! and thank you again…I know i cant be the only one trying to connect these 2 devices lol

Select on the A4 the FX track. Then select OSC1 on the A4. Put the audio level up.(E and J)


wow that did it… that’s soo odd I’ve never had to do that before. Thank you so much guys. I cant believe it was hidden in the A4 FX trk. Im blown…seriously thank you so much guys I was about to toss these machines in the dumpster :,)


Elektron are somewhat “efficient” with their menus. From one perspective, this lets them provide a lot of functionality in a small number of pages, with clever re-use of the hardware controls. From the other side, it means some “obvious” things are a bit hidden. The Analogs’ design prioritises performance and sound design waaaay ahead of configuration. It’s really easy to get at the controls for composing and designing sounds, and for performing with the boxes. But many of the functions for configuration are hidden, or in menus, or use some weird control system (like the AR audio routing). I guess they imagine you will prepare your sets & set-up in advance in your studio and can avoid using menus when performing live.