Help finding a mixer

I was wondering what’s the best portable (backpack size) mixer out there, advanced full of features, modern and very compact. Im looking for one, but confess I can’t find a 8x8x2 max 9 smaller the better)


digital Midas. MR12 MR18 etc?

thanks, I’ve looked and Im afraid they don’t make those anymore, even if they had it would be to big (thick)


Analogic mixer ?

Digital mixer ?

Live&gigs ?

Multitrack Recording ?

Wanna use it in a daw ?

Give us more insight plz , there is a LOOOOOOOT of stuff for this kind of product



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budget ?

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How many…
Line inputs ?
Mic inputs?


No live GIG (newbie) but in the fure hopefully so
Multitrack recording Yes
Dawless (iPad Pro USBC if needed)
budget ($1000 tops)
4 lines min - 6 to 8 preferably
Mic 1 is fine
Aux 4 MIN
BUS, Im not sure


Id go for the K-Mix with what you are looking for…


for backpack and dawless maybe zoom r-series or L-series might be interesting for you… 4 auxes is a lot for a backpack. only audio interfaces with computer come to my mind.

i can recommend an allen and heath qu-sb, combined with a second hand ipad. you can connect it via wlan or ethernet with an adapter.

Thanks it is big and awkward shape.

This might be a good option, I’m looking on details thanks!

OS: I wish it was smaller

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K-mix is really small! I don’t think a mixer can get much smaller. I wish I still had mine but I traded with a friend for a super ginormous Midas Venice 32-channel mixer that I likely will never use. lol. I should see if he wants to trade back now that he’s settled in again.

Tascam just announced their Model 12

i found the „faders“ of the kmix not precise enough

if your looking for a digital mixer below 1k, presonus studiolive 16.0.2 might get the job done

or a behringer air xr18

Great but huge for a backpack