Help for Low Vision Users – Selectable Accessibility Mode Possible As Update?

I’m legally blind but luckily have some vision. I have an A4mII and an ARmII - love them both. Once you learn the interface there are relatively easy to get around. I am wondering however if there would ever be any interest or plans to add an accessibility mode that could be toggled on/off to make some elements of the interface larger for those who need it.

As an example of how this might work, and retain the current interface design please see below (forgive the lack of graphic design skills).

Would this be a worthy update, and are there any other interface accessibility ideas other users have?


I think the size/layout of the MK2 and Digi screens lend themselves well to accessibility adjustments.

I think yours is a good idea, and shouldn’t be too difficult to implement (though I’m no expert).

Maybe you should send it directly by email to Elektron via


Thank you - request sent!


I would use such a mode.

I’m legally “partially sighted”. I get by without many adjustments, but anything that means I don’t have to hunch up over the instrument would be a QoL improvement. I’m considering getting rid of anything with a screen that’s smaller than Elektron mkii/Digi.

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I think such accesibility features should become more normal in music gear as they are on computers. users without any conditions would use them too. I barely even need glasses I literally never wear them but I still use dark modes on my computers and light filters and stuff just because it helps be focus better on it. afterall the companies DO want you using their product for as long as possible. hope your feature request comes through. one company does it and suddenly everyone hops on board. its easy enough to add invert screen and stuff at the least

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