Help: Input + Track 2 Synth Problem

Hey now!

Long time lurker, first time poster … I need your help, and please excuse my post in case this has been answered elsewhere, but the search option on this forum did not help me in any way … :frowning:

Here’s my problem:

  1. After hooking up my Eurorack set up to the Left Input and adjusting CV/Gate outputs on the A4, everything runs smoothly. The synths talk to each other, and the A4 receives the Euro’s audio just fine and sends it to my mixer.

  2. However, when I want to add a pad sequence on Track 2 of the A4, the Input on Track 1 slowly fades away after a few notes have been played on Track 2 (not one, but a few notes have to be triggered/played!)

In other words, Input on Track 1 and pad sound on Track 2 of the A4 cannot seem to co-exist.

I have to manually press a key on Track 1 after the Input got cancelled out, otherwise Track 1 simply stays quiet.

Any idea if this is natural, or how to work around this problem?

All the best, and many thanks in advance,


a bit confusing, but here goes, by track 1 and 2 and by mentioning CV i’m surmising you don’t mean that you’re feeding the CV output with note info from the Track1 of the A4 (which you can do)

so i’m guessing that you are deriving both CV outs from the same CV sequence, CV out pairs, if sequencing should work from different tracks, for conventional usage, so you can use the FX track to sequence CV out pair 2

otherwise you’re gonna have to look at your poly settings and unison and all the poly modes, but i can’t work out why you’d mention cv in if that’s the case - or why that would mess things up -can you be clearer !?