Help me figure out this setup

I came across this photo of a Chris Carter setup involving the Machinedrum. Looks like the first 6 tracks are routed to the individual outputs. What do you think is happening on the additional tracks?

Can anyone help shed a little light on this? Not looking for an explanation of the rest of the gear, just curious how the Machinedrum is being used.

I don’t see wires or anything… and even if you saw wires… it still could be used on many many different ways… so there is little to explain just by looking at the picture.

have ya tried to contact that dude via the usual twitter fb fanmail, record label etc ? you might be surprised how easy it is to get an answer …

as for your original question:

there are 10 to the power of 10 to the power of 3 options of how this setup is used. …

we sure can help you out to figure out how to use your MD best if you are more specific …just a thought bro …

Try contacting him via the TG website - he seems like a thoroughly nice chap - as said above, he’ll probably happily share with you.

Yeah I suppose that’s probably the shortest route to the answer I’m seeking. Promise my next question won’t be so daft :wink:

Thanks team!